San Rafael

San Rafael is another large city in the 415 area code, although it is much smaller than Daly City and San Francisco. It has a population of about 55,000. It is also located in a different county than Daly City and San Francisco, namely, Marin County.

Racially, San Rafael is made up of about 76% Caucasians, 23% Hispanic, and 6% Black. Asians make up only about 2% of the population, in contrast to the large Asian population in the other 415 area code cities. San Rafael is known for its pop culture and arts scene. For example, many famous musicians come from San Rafael, including members of the heavy metal band Metallica, Carlos Santana, and Jerry Garcia. In terms of lawyers, San Rafael is known mostly for having smaller to mid sized law firms, which are staffed with lawyers who specialize in everything from bankruptcy to real estate to personal injury law.

Marin County and San Rafael are both popular areas for bicyling and is home to the Marin County Bicycle Coalition, a noted advocacy group dedicated to expanding cycling awaress in the community, Trips for Kids, a nationally recognized organization dedicated to bringing outdoor experiences to disadvantaged youth and many influential cyclists and custom bicycle builders live and ride in the North Bay Area.